Friday, June 17, 2011

B is for.....

*BOOKS*   *BUGS*  

After BANANAS for breakfast, we jumped right in to our schoolwork!
Of course, today we focused on the letter "B"! Everett did a great job with drawing his letters - as far as I know this was his first time draw and trace the letter "B" all on his own! He also learned that "B" is for BIRDS and BUTTERFLIES!

Yay Everett!

I had to stick these two in there just because these are some of the other pages we worked on.  They aren't focusing on the letter "B", but he did such a good job I wanted to share!
On the left, he had to circle the letter that each picture started with!  There was a BEAR in there that started with a "B"!  Then he had fun tracing the shapes in the pictures...looks like we might have a lefty on our hands!

After school time we decided to head outside to our BACKYARD
 to BEAT the Texas heat!

Everett had a blast checking out all his different BUGS with his BIG magnifying glass! 

Then it was time to set out for his BIG BOAT in the BACKYARD!

Everett made sure to point out the BLUE rocks on his rock climbing wall!

After some time outside in the BACKYARD, we ventured in for some puzzle time!  This is one of Everett's new favorite things to do!  It's also fun Mommy and E time! :)
What better puzzle to work on on "B" day than one of BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!

Almost done!  Happy BOY!

Everett loved this one!
Did you notice he had on his BLUE shirt today?
On the menu was his BRONTOSAURUS sandwich 
filled with peanut butter and BANANAS!
He ate his applesauce with his BLUE spoon and drank out of his BLUE TCU cup! 
Don't forget that it was served on his BIG BOAT plate!
Every bit was gone in no time!

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